Saturday, 29 November 2014

So i thought i might post a few pictures of my Diorama in progress...... Tree ferns

Monbulk Creek trestle

i took some inspirsation from the ferny gully near the monbulk trestle bridge and had to figure out how to make ferns. I spent a long time pondering over this until a friend send me a suggestion. I altered this suggestion in order to create better tree ferns more accurate to the 1:48 scale.

I spent a long time attempting different methods on how to make these icons of the damp. I tried emu fethers, normal feathers, various different types of plant material and Wattle. I was suggested to try the black wattle leaves but found they dry up too quickly and are very fragile.

Finally after many false hopes and attempts i found something that i was quite pleased in!!

3A with some ferns on incomplete diorama

From an arial view they are quite accurate i find, they dry with good shape and with a little hair spray or adhesive they will last!. The leaves i use are the cootamundra wattle, i find their shape quite good though they can be trimmed to preferred shape easily.

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  1. Nice work Ashton, looking forward to more of your work.