Tuesday, 23 December 2014

NBH Progress.......

So a progress report for the NBH:

I have completed the underframe and the bogies, the seats, the bars in the window and the roof !!. The kit has been beautiful to build and every piece fits in its exact spot. All i have left to fit are the grabrails and then prime and off to a mates to do some painting.
NBH Outside

NBH Roof

NBH Bogies

NBH Interior so far.....

So as you can see on the images above it is coming along nicely!, i think i will have to add a second bar to the window at some stage too. 

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!



Tuesday, 16 December 2014

NBH kit

So for my 14th birthday i received an AMK NBH kit off a very generous friend. And i am finally getting around to starting it. Today i took it out of its packet, yay!! I Have so far built the seats and the roof. I plan to start on the bogies during this week. If anyone has any suggestions for the kit i am keen to hear them:). I shall post photos tomorrow!

Cheers Ashton

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Haskell Na

I have earlier this year purchased a haskell rtr Na, i am quite pleased with this model but would like to detail the cab a little further. There was also several faults in the Na pointed out to me by Alan rockett but many can now be fixed with a new (correct) width buffer beam from Ian Lindsay Models. They are of resonable price and i hope to buy one in the near future. I have heard they are a little fiddly to fit but do the job well.
Na After un-boxing

That smokebox is a little to pale !!!!

Inside the real thing ( with mum)

In closing i am very happy with the loco for the price, i will post some pictures of it now it has had its smoke box dulled.


So i thought i might post a few pictures of my Diorama in progress...... Tree ferns

Monbulk Creek trestle

i took some inspirsation from the ferny gully near the monbulk trestle bridge and had to figure out how to make ferns. I spent a long time pondering over this until a friend send me a suggestion. I altered this suggestion in order to create better tree ferns more accurate to the 1:48 scale.

I spent a long time attempting different methods on how to make these icons of the damp. I tried emu fethers, normal feathers, various different types of plant material and Wattle. I was suggested to try the black wattle leaves but found they dry up too quickly and are very fragile.

Finally after many false hopes and attempts i found something that i was quite pleased in!!

3A with some ferns on incomplete diorama

From an arial view they are quite accurate i find, they dry with good shape and with a little hair spray or adhesive they will last!. The leaves i use are the cootamundra wattle, i find their shape quite good though they can be trimmed to preferred shape easily.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Introduction to me!!

Hi Modellers alike,

My name is Ashton Edgley (15) and i have a strong passion for Victorian Narrow Gauge. From this passion i have developed also a passion for models of the Little Trains. I have been a volunteer at the Puffing Billy Railway for roughly 4 years now and i love it. I guess this drives my love for trains and narrow gauge in particular. I have to thank many of the modellers such as Dan Pickard and Murray Scholz for their inspiring works of art in the model world. On this blog i hope to keep you all updated on things i do with my models, new kits, Layouts or dioramas. I also have a special intrest in scenery so i will also post any new methods of scenic modelling or anything alike. I hope these posts can help you in some way!!